Toni Mateos

Extreme Diver Certification

The definition of Extreme Diving arose from our experience in the Maldives, in January 2006. The fulfilment of all the conditions below can lead to the Extreme Diver Certification, issued by ourselves. The violation of any of the conditions leads to the immediate removal of the certification.

  1. The extreme diver must never pay attention to any animal with size below 2 meters (6.56 feet).
  2. It is absolutely forbidden to reach the surface with air left in the tank.
  3. The extreme diver must refuse to dive unless the current is, at least, very strong.
  4. The extreme diver must always dive alone, reach at least 30 meters (98.4 feet) and enter in decompression.
  5. Every extreme diver has the duty of visiting a decompression chamber, at least once in his life.
We stress that no previous diving certification is needed in order to apply for the Extreme Diver Certification.
Indeed, the only way to obtain the highest extreme diver rank (4 stars) is by fulfilling the conditions above in the very first dive.